We are often just told to do things irrespective of whether they make sense to us or not and we can only hope that the one who made us do it in the first place, at least knows why. There a lot of things that are the way they are just because that’s how it’s been all along and when one ventures to question why, you can be rest assured that the reason no longer exists and you’re just stuck in what’s called a “system” or “traditions” and we can’t seem to break-free!

When I begin with something like that, there are innumerable things that you relate it to. It could be a small insignificant teeny tiny thing or something that has changed the way we live. Well, I am not going to make a long never-ending list to support what I am saying, for I write out of selfish pursuits in a bid to begin well, invoke a thought and more importantly organize my own. For my mind wanders like a little kid who likes to chase a butterfly in a forest and gets fascinated by other things as he looks around going deeper.

But what I am trying to say is that, when we delve deeper to know why, we begin to appreciate what we do and take the mundane out. Well, if it does not agree with our line of thought, there can be nothing better than that because that gives us a reason to change and acts as a catalyst to our actions. Perhaps, that is the reason why it is so important to know our history, for what we are today is because of our yesterday. We are born of the evolution, we progress to get better and hence change is constant.

If at all, you were intrigued as to what brought this on, well every summer my mum HAS to follow this routine which includes cleaning the jars & re-organizing, checking the pantry and placing orders if it has reached the ‘re-order level’, drying spices, cereals, pulses and sundry in the hot summer sun to make them last a year et cetera. So what happened is that, I am free as a bird (read unemployed) and she could use a helping hand.

Sadly, my mum told me the reason why she does it & well, it did make sense. Plus, old habits die-hard.