You tell me, if only you could travel through time and I dotingly ask you why.
You go on, It’ll transport me to another world, another era and take me through all those times I yearn to relive. Even to those, before my own time. Before time’s time.

I laughed. You despaired.
I laughed till I pondered.
I grew quieter and you were amused.
Till my eyes shone brighter and my smile widened.
You began to wonder about my wandering mind.
You lent me an ear as I made it on the go..

To relive the times,
I reminded you of all the times good, significant and trivial
I reminded you of the bad times that you bid adieu.

To the world that’s other
I said, take the road not taken
You’ll breathe in a new life
in your own lifetime.

To the era that’s gone by,
Let’s go to the old town.
Let’s go where the old times are still new.
For those were the times before your time.

For the civilisations that started
For those that ended too
For there are relics that still stand tall
For there are remains still to be found

To the time before time,
When it was a simpler time

You said,
Travelling to old parts, in a new town?
Museums or Lectures by a certain Ross?
Surely, not history books!

Oh! You caught my ruse.
But we were both amused
For we did travel,
We travelled through time.