You are whimsical in your own ways.

You are often gone minding your own only to be back as per your wont.

You make me believe that you are always around hiding in plain sight only by turning up each time.

Sometimes in bits and in pieces and sometimes none at all.

Knowing you, your disappearances are assuring too, for you come back stronger each time.

You make me wonder for your presence calms me down but the Tides roar in turmoil as you arrive.

You stay with me till the darkest hour only to see me bask in morning light.

For you give me the freedom to grow & take flight in the light only to be home each night.

In full view or hidden in plain sight.

Yet I smile a bit more each time on the darkest nights, even happy only seeing you from afar

For it helps knowing that it’s the sun radiating in you even in the night time.