We were Infinite

It was one of those times, when we mindlessly walked to and fro. Not knowing where we were headed and not knowing where did we want to go.

For we probed the crisis of our identity and of our very existence. We rambled on about wanting to make it big and didn’t know how.

We wanted to be eternal, we decided. Unblemished too, if we could help it and so many other things, all at once.

We were young and foolish, trying to be wise with our head full of ideas and ideals even.

It was only fitting that we were staring into the Horizon with the canopy of Brilliant stars Above us and innumerous waves crashing upon the shore.

For the waves like our ideas were boundless, our destination like the horizon was distant and our hope like the stars, the guiding light.

And in that moment, despite the vastness of the universe, we were Infinite

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