I’ve come to realise that I admire, perhaps to an extent even respect those people with whom I am can have dumb conversations. You are probably scratching your head and wondering “Why on earth would you?”. 

Hold that thought and hear me out,

You see, those who manage to say ridiculous things despite knowing the facts and figures about the topic on hand are definitely far ahead of you because not only did they understand the subject well but were imaginative enough to challenge the very foundation it stood on all this time. They would perhaps in the process highlight the underlying flaws to which you were oblivious. This is if you were smart enough to deduce that. But you probably brush off their theories knowing it to be wrong because you have known the truth and you understand it better or perhaps you go along with their banter only to amuse yourself. But more often than not, it gets you thinking. Isn’t it the whole point of a discussion anyway? And who knows, It could lead you to the next big idea! 

Though I am not trying to say that every random conversation leads you to one. But the limited point I am trying to make here is that it creates space for free thinking and open conversations that will take you somewhere. More importantly, it inherently displays rebellious and non-comfirmistic attitude which is often difficult to come across since subconsciously we are accustomed to thinking in a certain manner or simply put “inside the box”. 

But on a lighter note, it makes you laugh to no end or pull a face, if it’s so bad! Plus you never need intellectual conversations after a rough day, do you?

This was written in response to a discover challenge on daily post on: against the Conventional Wisdom