Dear Sun,

You definitely have it worst. No sunday, no bank holiday, no paid leave and you can’t even take a sick leave!

You must really love your job. You manage to show up each day and rouse everybody out of their stupor. The moon, oceans and everybody in your sight.

But has anybody told you this, you are just like us. You are smiling pleasantly on one day and being rude and harsh on the other.

You hide and tease when you are feeling the blues but usually found standing in the middle of the wide expanse, soaking the attention. Rather imposing on us all!

I must admit, I envy your working hours! You come and go as per your wont and you won’t even stay for a second long.

No matter how much everybody cribs and hates you for showing up so early and yet you manage to leave everybody spellbound at the end of each day.

You are truly inspiring, for you manage to rise up on the days even when you must not feel like. Oh c’mon admit it now!

You live each day as if to say, I run the world because I show up, each day only to give us a chance to seize and perhaps even Conquer each day.

But please don’t be so obstinate, have a heart and be kind on us this summer!

Good Night!

P.S: I just had a revelation, the photo looks like you’ve reached the gates of heaven but transmission lines are a reminder that you do have heaven on Earth if you manage to rise up.

P.P.S: Yes I realised that my post script seems unrelated to what I just wrote and hence the post post script!

Location: Atop the hills on the way to Nainital.