You make me open up,

You unwittingly shut me down.

As if you help me,

To hold my own.

You’ve seen me lost,

You’ve seen me found.

As if your presence,

Makes me find my own.

You’ve been stormy,

You’ve been calm.

As if you mirror,

Just my thoughts.

You are often accepting,

And I’ve seen you discard.

Because you as a rule,

Only keep what is yours.

You appear boundless,

Yet shackled by celestials.


For I snidely chided,

Even rebels must abide by the law.

Yet you are graceful,

While you ebb and flow.

As you come forward,

Each time you back out.

And hey,

I’ve seen you drop Crumbs,

Each time you go away.

In the hopes of someone,

who will pick up the trail.

Oh dear Friend,

I could go on,

About how much we are alike

And oh, how we get along.

Yet I must thank you,

For being the confidant,

Coz you’ve seen and know it all

And yet you’ve been around,

All along.