Silence was the only Noise,
Heard above the whistling wind.

I sat down with my folded knees,
In the middle of an empty street.

Tired of the chase,
In search of your whereabouts.

That’s when I saw you,
Steadily walking down the lane.

Proud as you were,
Of your little games.

I smiled a wry smile,
I couldn’t go on this way.

And all you had to say,
We were going nowhere.

Enough I said,
I stood up to walk away,

Yet my own eyes,
Gave me away.

I Wonder what that was,
That made you look at me anyway.

Suddenly, looking at me imploringly,
That’s not what I meant.

Change of heart or another game,
Is a Fact that I debate to date.

I suppose I’ll never know,
For I took off anyway.