I started my blog, for the same reason that I have done most things in my life. I started writing because somebody said I could do it. Someone thought that I have a way with words and have a different perspective.

I thought, why not?

I mean, it requires least effort. All I need to do is type. Type when I feel like, type when I need to and more importantly, when I get to. Requiring no further commitment than that, I decided to get on with it.

And now here I am, giving a explanation to something that I started 3 years ago. For the benefit of you guys, who at some point in future will stumble upon my humble blog and wonder, when exactly darling? I am writing this today in March, 2018 dating my blog back to April, 2015.

Going back to the very purpose of this blog, is that I am being selfish here. I use this space to explore my creative side, make my grey cells think, perhaps even use it as a my very public vent. But more importantly, what it really is, is that it’s a part of me.

A side of me, that I never thought could exist and more so because it has become integral to my being. So I write, because what happens around me, amazes me or baffles me. Nonetheless, it gets me thinking. So I write, even for you. Perhaps like me, you’ll get thinking too.


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